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How do I know if MFR or Soft Tissue Therapy (STT) is right for me?

Both Myofascial Release and more generic soft tissue therapy can help many chronic pain conditions, improve mobility, help with injury rehabilitation and support balanced posture.  And if you're just looking for a relaxation treatment I believe that nothing reaches deeper into the body than MFR!.  But it is also possible that you may be experiencing some changes with your health which require a different expertise.  The simplest thing is to send me an email or give me a call and we can discuss your circumstances.  With a little more information I will either tell you that I think I can help, or I may suggest that you seek the advice of your GP or perhaps recommend a different type of professional e.g. a chiropractor  

Will I have to take my clothes off for the treatment?

The golden rule on this issue is that we will do each treatment in the manner which you are comfortable with.  It's worth stating up front that John F Barnes MFR needs to be carried out on dry skin and we watch to see how other areas of the body respond with visual checks for Vasomotor responses (vascular flushing).  In most cases for MFR a client will remove outer items of clothing and receive treatment wearing shorts, underwear, sports bras etc.  If you're not comfortable with that I will work with you to identify the best approach to provide the effective treatment which you seek.  I'll emphasise again that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, because this will ensure that you relax and get the best treatment outcomes.

How Often Should I have a Treatment?

Again this is an individual question, with factors like your particular health circumstances, your budget and other day to day commitments all being relevant.  For many clients it is typical to see people on a weekly basis for the first few treatments so we can hopefully achieve some significant improvements to their situation and pain reduction quite quickly.  Then as things improve and people make their own adjustments to their lifestyles and establish routines with any recommended exercises and stretches, the spacing between treatments can grow.  I think ultimately aiming to engage with a treatment once every 4 - 6 weeks as a preventative health measure is a good target.

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