My name is Tim Richardson and I am a USA trained John F Barnes Myofascial Therapist and a BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist.  I help people to reduce chronic pain, improve mobility, recover from injury and free their bodies of tissue restrictions often caused by trauma.

What do I do?

I aim to provide all my clients with a safe space in which they can discuss their health concerns without fear of judgement and without feeling time pressured.  In this way I believe I can work with you to find the treatment plan that best suits you, open your mind to useful self-care approaches and show you how to connect with your body's own remarkable healing potential.


I have recently relocated to Gloucestershire and I am now offering treatments in Tewkesbury at The Nook yoga studio (www.yogaatthenook.com) and at The Practice Rooms in Cheltenham (Cheltenham location).

Stay Connected

I hope that as I develop my website and social media channels further, you’ll find them to be  useful resources for self-care strategies, deepening your understanding of your own body and how it speaks to you, and keeping up with exciting new developments as research into Fascia continues to rewrite the anatomy books.